How to Cultivate a Great Relationship with Your Roommate 

Benefits of Cultivating a Relationship with Your Roommate 

Having a roommate is not all that bad; in fact, you can enjoy some cool benefits while sharing your room, flat, or apartment.  

  • You can save money by sharing your room or apartment 
  • If you are living in an area or building with safety concerns, cultivating a relationship with your roommate gives you a sense of security 
  • You do not need to do everything yourself; you can share chores 
  • You have companionship  
  • An opportunity to network and make new friends 

4 Ways to Cultivate Relationship with Your Roommate 

Remember, no one wants to feel uncomfortable or annoyed in their living space. Thankfully, you can cultivate a relationship with your roommate no matter where you live or who your roommate is. Here are four ways to get started.  

#1 -Be Considerate and Compassionate 

Remember, we’re all fighting our battles and have our own privacy to maintain. Therefore, be considerate and compassionate towards your roommate. Ignore their flaws and focus on the good things about them. If your roommate has to get up early, don’t stay out till late or watch TV with the volume up. It’s the small gestures that matter. 

#2 – Communicate Openly 

You must always communicate openly, but being polite or courteous never hurts anyone. This encourages you to find solutions to problems and, in the long run, become friends who enjoy each other’s company. If you can strike a personal connection and find common interests with your roommate, you can be good friends for a long time.  

#3- Setting Your Boundaries 

Be open with each other and set boundaries. Think of these as rules for living together, including the dos and don’ts. Decide what type of access you have to each other’s space, food, and stuff. It is also a good idea to share the chores around the house. However, you must always stick to the plan and do your part regularly. Most importantly, respect your roommate’s boundaries  

#4 – Spend Some Quality Time Together  

Yes, we are all busy these days, and the rest of the time belongs to our smartphones. However, make an effort to spend time with your roommate. Get to know each other on a personal level, such as sharing your family background, what you do, your likes and dislikes, etc. Finding common interests can strengthen your bond, and you may find your next best friend in your roommate.   


Learn to cultivate a relationship with your roommate, as this can help you get through some tough times. Remember, apart from the above-mentioned four ways, you must also be respectful, considerate, and friendly with your roommate at all times. 

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