Operational Assessment

Campus Culture

Operational assessment is one of our main campus planning services and is key to improving performance and customer satisfaction. By closely examining and assessing key feeder departments affecting the housing project, Oracle Real Estate Group adds a new depth of understanding to comprehensive planning.

Campus housing is interdependent with other functions of any educational institution. As new models emerge to meet today’s campus planning challenges, private operators and public/private partnerships are trending toward looking, feeling and functioning as part of the institutional staff.

Most colleges and universities bring unique expertise and resources to the table, as well as varied goals and objectives based on their institutional missions; this all affects planning and project risk. Understanding the components of the campus student development initiatives, key departments supporting housing and particularly residence life programs is critical to any due diligence process for a wise investment strategy. A detailed operational assessment and demographic analysis of student housing residents and general population will increase your understanding and ability to forecast best solutions for success.

Investors, lenders and developers all agree that the level of understanding of a project is improved with an operational profile that includes detailed information on mission, policies and procedure as well as interactive behaviors of each department to and in support of on-campus housing. OREG understands these connections and provides detailed interdepartmental assessments of these key departments, how they interact and the impact they have on the campus housing program.

These factors are an integral part of a careful analysis that can determine the best strategies during the due diligence process and respond to varying appetites or tolerances for risk in campus planning and development. In all cases of on-campus housing—from a single first housing development to complete privatization of on-campus student housing—knowing and understanding the internal operations of a new asset is critical to project planning and risk assessment. Oracle Real Estate Group brings that level of understanding and due diligence to every project. We provide in-depth, detailed demographic analysis in our feasibility studies, strategic planning and comprehensive planning for every project and client.