Operational Assessment

Assessing the Current Culture

The number one step to improving customer satisfaction and performance is a complete understanding of operational practices. Oracle Real Estate Group’s operational assessment is one of our most requested services. OREG real estate advisors achieve a deeper understanding by surveying key departmental practices. We then use these insights to create detailed plans and implement strategies to optimize outcomes.

Why Do You Need An Operational Assessment?

OREG clients have unique goals and myriad challenges to navigate to realize their priorities and ultimately achieve their unique mission. These combined challenges potentially impact planning and project risk. OREG knows that to develop a successful strategy, it is critical to understand the elements of the recent and existing key departmental initiatives. Our detailed operational assessments combined with the consumer analysis are designed to enhance your understanding of the “current culture”; and its influence on the consumer experience. This knowledge facilitates the best paths to success.


  • Clarity of the existing impediments
  • Consumer satisfaction by addressing hidden or silent factors impacting outcomes
  • Confidence in strategy execution
  • Outcomes

OREG advisory services bring knowledge and expertise
that drive extraordinary results to every project.


  • Detailed information on missions
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Interactive behaviors of each department in support of housing

Our professional real estate consultants cover everything from a first housing development to an expanding portfolio. In all cases, OREG recognizes that clear understanding of internal operations for the current asset is vital to project planning and risk management.

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