Consumer Analytics

Consumer Analytics

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Knowing your consumer is the critical first step to a successful business decision. Clients seeking to excel in any market typically have two windows of knowledge. The first window is what is known about their consumers or potential consumers which includes all general knowledge of the market. The second window is what stakeholders know that they don’t know about their clients, such as how much they’re willing to spend for a given product.

OREG’s comprehensive consumer analytics utilizes a three-tier approach to quickly becoming proficient with each client and your consumers. Our experts perform an in-depth student housing analysis to understand each component of the consumer’s decision-making process. OREG’s proven methodology utilizes three windows of innovation:

This third window permits stakeholders to view deeper into the consumer decision-making process, which often remains a silent influence on results.

Possible Hidden Factors:

  • Reveal hidden frustrations
  • Expose unintentional impacts of policies and procedures
  • Discover unknown influences of programming
  • Discern the impact of the health of management and operations
  • Identify unmet or unrealistic expectations

These hidden factors are typically overlooked, due to a lack of notice through the more traditional, two- dimensional approach with consumer analytics. The result is that many stakeholders are left with gaps in knowledge. These fissures foster detection of critical perceptions, motivations and decision-making drivers needed to augment coveted outcomes.

OREG’s processes and consultants work vigorously to discover these gaps in knowledge and identify solutions tailored to each clients’ needs. This makes us the best source for consumer analytics.

Why Clients Trust Us? Unlike other consultants, we convert data into 3D action blueprints for Superior Outcomes.


Clients can expect thorough, web-based surveys that uncover the experience of their consumers. With our approach, there’s no need to worry about planning for the future consumer. OREG’s seasoned professionals analyze the survey responses to extract relevant findings that give guidance to move the needle toward desired outcomes.


We engage and listen to our client’s consumers through insightful and engaging group dialogues. What comes from this is the color and depth necessary to create actionable strategies. OREG consultants use the knowledge gained and incorporate consumer feedback into our multi-dimensional analysis.

OREG’s time-tested methodology combines quantitative and qualitative data which adds richness to our analytics to foster confident decisions and policymaking. We provide clients with a thorough breakdown of statistics that present clear-cut resolutions for corporate planning, products, services, marketing, and consumer relations strategies.