Due Diligence

Oracle Real Estate Group, when developing comprehensive campus housing studies and plans or when engaging in real estate consulting services, apply our time -tested and proven methodology, analyzing and cross referencing key points to achieve risk reduction by focusing on mission-critical data. OREG’s methodology uses a rigorous, quantitative, focused and detailed approach to creating market studies, feasibility studies, conducting land use analysis, and in depth comprehensive planning. By incorporating thousands of data points, then cross-referencing them with key data and project objectives, we create a 3D snapshot of the current and potential student housing market.

OREG’s methodology takes all relevant factors of the student demographic composition into account while developing profiles. We create data tables for each point, analyzing them based on project objectives; this results in increased precision for demand projections during project development. In this way, we create a laser focus on current and potential markets using data analytics.

Colleges and Universities sometimes face barriers in planning the essential elements of their campus housing projects, needing the support of consultants that specialize in project comprehensive planning, land use analysis, operational assessments and feasibility studies development. OREG can provide a third party in depth due diligence reports for lenders and developers for the institution. OREG’s services can be customized for the stakeholder, or as a third party analysis customized to meet the client’s unique need in project planning and development.

OREG works with each institution to analyze important facts in the beginning of the strategic planning stage—when it is most critical. This information includes pertinent details in all our due diligence services including demographic analysis, market feasibility, operational assessments and planning studies.

Work Out Consulting Services

Oracle Real Estate Group conducts comprehensive work out studies for campus housing. Lenders have covenants requiring market studies on underperforming assets to determine best turn around solutions and the most strategic actions to take in order to improve an asset’s profitability. In this case, both parties need current and accurate information on the asset and the current market conditions.

OREG prepares third party comprehensive reports for lenders or developers on behalf of colleges and universities designed to clearly identify factors which negatively impact the asset’s financial performance.
Detailed operations analysis is critical to finding the right solution on which to base a strategic plan, and for developing a successful turnaround strategy. It requires a look at both the strengths and weakness of the asset based on the most accurate information available.