Financial and Development Services

Due Diligence Services

Oracle Real Estate Group (OREG) delivers significant due diligence and risk assessment services to financial institutions and developers. Our proprietary approach delivers expert studies and project support that empower housing professionals. We prioritize the identification of patterns and risk factors via in-depth data collections not offered in traditional housing estimates.

The Solutions Are in The Details

Without the right professional direction, reaching your goals could be difficult. Elements, including market conditions, consumer trends, and other risk factors, could affect desired outcomes and guidance on how best to navigate them. For this reason, OREG’s unique approach ensures that stakeholders get a full view that precludes many potential issues from arising.


OREG’s process uses a precise and quantitative approach to creating:

  • Housing Market Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Land Use Analysis
  • In-depth Comprehensive Planning

By incorporating thousands of data points, cross-referenced with key statistics and project goals, we create a 3D snapshot of the drivers for current conditions. We then recommend the best strategies to reach our client’s desired outcomes. When engaging in real estate consulting services, we apply our proven methods by focusing on data. This approach leads to fully developed comprehensive student housing studies and plans. We analyze and cross-reference key points to achieve risk reduction for all our clients.

OREG also provides third-party SWOT analysis of underperforming assets to lenders and stakeholders. These clients need current vital information on both asset and market conditions that our experts can deliver. By analyzing details affecting asset performance, OREG’s proprietary methodology results in a laser-focused 3D model of both current and potential markets.

The Way Forward is Revealed by our Proprietary Methodology

Project Oversite Services

Based on SWOT findings, we provide detailed strategies to improve asset and service performance. We offer project support via personalized teams that carry out the strategies on the ground. Oversight of strategic planning implementation includes:

  • Targeted service to improve performance
  • Facility appeal analysis
  • Boost in residence satisfaction
  • Improvement in resident retention rates
  • Enhancement of strategic marketing initiatives

Through data-driven planning, our team of expert consultants enhance client market competitiveness.

Get in-depth reports for your projects!