How to Make Friends Easily in Your New Residence Hall for Life

To help you ease into the experience, we’ve created a list of fun ways you can make friends for life in your new dorm: 

Why is it Important to Make Friends during Campus Housing? 

Making friends in college doesn’t mean talking to someone you can spend lunch with; finding a supportive individual with whom you can have fun adventures. 

Here’s why making friends is critical to student success and well-being: 

  • Supportive interactions with peers can influence your academic development and knowledge acquisition  
  • Research reveals that students with fewer friends get lower grades and show poor student engagement levels. Thus, making friends can improve your productivity 
  • Making valuable friendships on campus can result in a better social life and satisfying education

The Top Four Ways to Make Friends While Living in Dorms 

Now, let’s discuss four practical ways to improve your campus housing experience once you’ve relocated: 

Have an Open Door Policy 

Don’t hesitate to leave your door open while living in your residence hall room. That way, you can strike up conversations with other students.  

What starts as hallway conversations can quickly transform into longer talks, movie nights, and a year of adventure and memories.  

Join Campus Events 

Campus events are corny but perfect for meeting and bonding with new students. It’s a great platform to increase student engagement without going out of the way.  

Your Resident Advisor or Hall Council will plan several exciting events to help new students hang out with each other.  

That way, you’ll adjust and make friends quicker.  

Share a Meal 

What better way to bond with your dorm neighbors than over a cup of coffee?  

Instead of grabbing a meal and hiding in your room, ask your neighbors if they fancy going to the nearest dining centre to try something new. Student success highly depends on your social skills.  

As a result, you’ll develop a tradition of eating together and deepen your bond. 

Talk to Your Classmates 

You’ll likely share classes with a few people in your building. 

If you spot someone, strike up a conversation. Chances are, you’ll discover more than one similarity and have someone to walk to and out of classes. 

Bonus Tips to Build Your Network as a Student   

If the tips discussed above were not enough, check out these top five secret tricks to make lifelong college friends: 

  • Study in the lounge. You can find a study buddy and make some of your closest friends! 
  • Look out for open doors and drop by to say hello 
  • Make small talk with people in the restroom  
  • Add sunshine to other people’s life by throwing out compliments every day  
  • Join clubs that grab your attention to connect with like-minded people  

The Bottom Line 

If you feel lonely during the first few weeks of your college, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to take a while to settle in.  

Most importantly, remember to be confident and don’t be afraid to start chatting up with your neighbors. 

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