Denise Cunningham

With over 30 years of experience in asset and human resource management, Denise Cunningham leads the industry in advancing residential experience outcomes. She has provided solutions for higher education institutions for more than 15 years through facility management and senior management advisory services.

As president and CEO of Oracle Real Estate Group, Ms. Cunningham has honed her skills in advisory services. As a team leader, Ms. Cunningham managed over 600 employees across venues. Her project outcomes prioritize streamlined inter-departmental collaborations to drive results in enrollment management and facilities optimization.

In addition, she has successfully organized thriving student and resident life programs and coordinated special project services to improve marketing and facility performances for higher education.

Ms. Cunningham offers strategy and advisory for a broad spectrum of professional advisory consulting services, including:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Complex SWOT Analysis
  • Student Life Optimization
  • New Program Planning and Implementation
  • Achieving Facility Optimization

Before founding OREG, Ms. Cunningham served as a broker with a top Atlanta-based real estate company. For more than a decade, she provided consulting and advisory services to public, private, and non-profit institutions. Her experience rendered proficiencies in areas such as:

  • Community Development
  • Property Acquisition/Liquidation
  • Lease-Up Services
  • Staffing and Training Services

As an industry leader, Ms. Cunningham has served on the Interface Student Housing Conference panel. There, she led conversations around innovative solutions for common living-learning community concerns, including:

  • Housing Lease-Up
  • Student Experience and Engagement
  • Insight Into Industry Trends
  • Critical Market Studies Analysis
  • Enrollment Management Functions in Housing

OREG has presented an original case study focused on Occupancy Optimization at conferences such as ACUHO-I national.

OREG Advisors have also presented original case studies at NACAS educating attendees on using Student Demographic Data to drive results.

OREG has provided Advisory services on special projects to acquire property for Universities and Colleges and supported the change process.

Before joining the business sector as a real estate broker, Ms. Cunningham obtained a B.S. from Tennessee State University. She enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, and community service.