Lender Services

Oracle Real Estate Group provides risk assessment services to lenders that provide a more detailed analysis of campus housing than traditional workout consulting services – including the kind of information that is not offered in conventional market studies. OREG’s methodology takes all relevant factors of the student population and campus culture into account while developing studies which allow our clients to analyze patterns and risk factors via in-depth information.

Using cutting edge information technology and data analysis, Oracle Real Estate Group is able to deliver a more complete picture of today’s student housing market to lenders. We bridge the gap between our clients and the information they need to make fully informed decisions. Our unique approach, ensures that our clients have a full view of all sides of the market and the essential elements to understands the potential risks.

Oracle Real Estate Group’s troubled asset consulting services include comprehensive studies on all aspects of the operational components of campus housing designed to clearly identify factors that may be negatively impacting the asset’s financial performance.

Workout Services

When lenders use covenants to require a due diligence review on underperforming assets, it is for the purpose of getting accurate, detailed and up to date information for a workout solution. Lenders and stakeholders need current and accurate information on both the asset and the market conditions. By using in-depth analysis of details affecting asset performance, OREG’s workout consulting service creates a laser focus on both current and potential markets.

OREG conducts third party lender due diligence services for financiers of on-campus housing, with a detailed view of the asset not offered by traditional market studies. The answers are in the details that only OREG provides. Understanding the composition of a student housing market or potential market is essential to understanding the risk itself.