Demographic Analysis

In today’s student housing market it is not enough to have a broad knowledge of the student client—details make the difference between success and failure. Stakeholders need to take advantage of every tool at their disposal to establish and maintain an edge. Our campus housing consulting begins with a detailed campus housing demographic analysis to identify trends in the populations that have critical impacts on strategic planning and future marketing approaches and initiatives.

Oracle Real Estate Group’s detailed college student demographic analysis gives color to an asset by offering stakeholders third-party reports for institutions, developers and lenders improving the development of on-campus comprehensive housing planning, due diligence in Public Private Partnerships (P3). We work closely with campuses to develop a crystal clear view of their campus housing customers and an in-depth understanding of each institution’s unique market—identifying previously hidden opportunities and potential challenges.

One of our fundamental to our campus housing consulting services the detailed student demographic analysis creates a snapshot of the student customer or potential customer and allows us to accurately identify the ideal products and services that keep a project successful and occupancy levels high. At the same time, we refine products and services that support existing populations and create marketing strategies for underserved and expanding populations.


  • Academic Years
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Trending Demographic Analysis (three to five past year past)
  • Growth Projections and Population Trends (five to ten year analysis)
  • Comprehensive Planning Analysis

Lenders Demographic Analysis

Oracle Real Estate Group offers third party student demographic profiles to lenders for on-campus housing risk assessments in more detail than the traditional market study. Understanding the composition of a student housing market or potential market is essential to understanding the risk itself.

Lender risk assessment is made easier with the 3D profile of the student body, with an assessment of its preferences and concerns. These fundamental details make it possible for lenders to more accurately assess risks.

Clients routinely state OREG’s detailed student profiles enable them to make better decisions in comprehensive planning. The analysis improves the quality of their housing planning, work out solutions programs and new market development initiatives by providing the critical details of student market composition and the ideal products and services for each campus.