Ease your nerves and create lifelong bonds by checking out our five practical tips:  

Tips to Make Friends on Campus in College  

Several researches reveal that making friends can affect student success and engagement positively. Thus, making friends in college isn’t crucial for your well-being; it’s also essential for your academic development. 

Here are five tips to start feeling at home in your dorm and improve your campus housing experience: 

Choosing the Right Places   

If you’re an introvert, you might be wondering where you can strike up conversations. To help you out, we’ve created a list of five places you can meet new people: 

  • Campus Events- Campus events are the perfect place to make bonds. From music festivals to charity, you can easily find like-minded people to become best friends with 
  • Campus Organizations- With so many options available, campus organizations help you find a place where you can polish your skills while expanding your campus network 
  • Classes- With how often you have to take classes, it’s natural you’ll make a few friends with people you share labs, courses, or group projects with 
  • Informal Hangouts- From parties to dorm tournaments, casual hangouts offer you the perfect opportunity to meet new people
  • Around Campus- Visit the gym, the student center, the hall, or walk around the campus to strike up conversations with other students   

Ask Open-Ended Questions   

Try asking these open-ended questions as conversation starters and boost student engagement: 

Where are you from? 

Have you seen any good movies or heard good songs? 

I’m struggling with ______ topic. Can you help me out? 

What is your major? Why did you choose it? 

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors and Classmates 

As a student, you’ll either be taking a class or doing projects for a class in your dorm. 

So, use it as the perfect opportunity to make friends. Before your class starts, say hello to your neighbor. With time, you’ll share numbers and cultivate a deep bond. 

In addition, talk to the people in your residence hall and living across your dorm. That way, your hello might turn into a movie marathon! 

Do Your Homework in Public Areas 

When you’ve got less homework, grab your copy and sit in a social setting instead of coping in your dorm. 

Your campus and library offer the perfect environment for socializing and completing tasks. You can rest assured you’ll find someone to take a well-earned study break.  

Take an Interest in People

Show your interest if you want to make lifelong bonds with people or want them to like you. 

Ask interesting questions and listen carefully to their answers to increase student engagement among peers. Remember the things people tell you and use them to start conversations later. 

The Bottom Line 

Making new friends can be nerve-wracking, but don’t let that stop you from talking to new people.  

Be social, authentic, and yourself to increase your student success rate. You’ll adjust to your new environment and make long-lasting bonds with time. 

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