The Art of Event Planning 101

How to Plan Great Events for Your Guests — Here, we’ll discuss the different steps to planning an event on your college campus: 

Eight Steps to Plan a Successful Event on College Campus 

Let’s dive in so you can arrange an event that opens the door for student success and increase student engagement:  

Consider Your Budget 

Before you start planning your event, identify your budget. Estimate the cost of each aspect of your event.  

Select the Right Date 

Don’t select a date at random. Ensure your chosen date does not conflict with University or personal events.  

Grab your Academic Calendar to find the perfect date.  

Outfit Your Meeting Space  

Create the perfect event environment by ordering registration tables, chairs, custodial cleaning, and other equipment. 

You can also check out online caterers to estimate the potential costs of your rental equipment and food.  

Create Scavenger Hunts to Involve the Entire Campus 

Host events students will want to attend, such as local scavenger hunts.  

With this interactive challenge, you can hold their attention and spread knowledge about your campus, the local businesses, or the city.  

When planning a scavenger hunt, add fun tasks that ask strangers to “show their hidden talent” or “name their favorite thing about the college campus”- questions that encourage competitors to bond.  

Host Recurring Events  

Invite former students regularly to help students expand their network, learn more about their fields, and get excited about upcoming courses that guarantee student success.  

Highlight alumni who made notable contributions in their degree field to encourage undergraduates to see the future’s potential. 

Recruit Popular Speakers or Host TED Talks  

Help students succeed in their careers by inviting philosophers, activists, lecturers, writers, and entrepreneurs. By sharing their life advice and story, these hard-working people will motivate students to do their best. 

Before hosting speakers or TED Talks, survey students to discover the people they want to meet and talk to. That way, you’ll notice maximum participation and improved student engagement. 

Advertise Your Event  

Spread the message about your upcoming event to ensure interested parties are aware of your event.  

Use social media, print flyers, and word of mouth to create buzz about your upcoming event. In addition, following posting guidelines to reach the maximum amount of people.  

Ask for Help 

Planning for an event by yourself can be overwhelming. 

So, if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Ask peers to clarify confusion or request friends to get the word out about your event. 

The Bottom Line 

Hosting an event and encouraging students to participate can be challenging for your campus housing.  

But if you hold events where you appeal to what matters to them, you can count on maximum attendance.  

When holding events on college campuses, your primary goal should be choosing the ideal location, making it fun and exciting, and marketing to the right people. 

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