Tips on Creating fun, budget-friendly events at college

Following are the factors to consider for a budget-friendly event that everyone can enjoy.

Cutting costs on décor   

Although décor makes a massive difference in creating an ambience of an event, if you are planning an event on a budget, you can ask your college mates to decorate the venue. Pinterest and Instagram can offer really cool décor ideas for college events. Cutting down the expenses on decorating the place does not mean you go for cheaper stuff. You may only focus on the essentials and neglect spending on unimportant things.  

Cutting costs on catering (food and beverages)    

When hosting small-budget events, you can always compromise on food and beverages. Instead of offering an extensive menu, you can settle for one snack with a drink. It will reduce your costs on catering and provide you with enough budget to spend on more important things. Furthermore, you can also offer boxed meals where it is up to the hosts to decide what to offer. It avoids food wastage and saves tons of money spent on food.   

Going Digital 

With advanced technology, you can easily manage your events virtually. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on printing details about the events and advertising them through magazines and newspapers, you can easily share the details through digital media.  

Since social media is booming, you can create an event page and insert all the fun-related information there. Moreover, you can facilitate the planning of your event, displaying schedules and registrations through a mobile-optimized website or app to keep your audience updated.  

Show your creativity 

Since you have a limited budget, you can pick ideas from the internet and implement them to make your venue attractive. Look for DIY tips before you spend extra on décor. You can easily create an eye-catchy atmosphere with crafty items.  

Negotiate with Vendors and Suppliers 

When hosting events on a tight budget, you must negotiate on everything. Since you need to have vendors and suppliers involved in providing you with the essentials, you must bargain the prices and try to get the most affordable prices. It will save you the money you can spend on gifts for special guests.   

Training Volunteers 

Instead of hiring event planners to organize and manage the event, look for volunteers. You can quickly train some college students and distribute responsibilities among them to ease your burden. It will help you welcome your guests and supervise the entire event while your volunteers handle the overall event. Moreover, you may have to pay them less compared to professionals. Some even work to gain experience. Therefore, you save tons of money! 

The Bottom Line 

College events create the best memories – working together as a team and managing the entire event with your college mates is a cherishing experience. If you want to host fun, budget-friendly events, follow the tips mentioned above to enjoy a fun-filled, budget-friendly college event. Successfully increase your student success rate.

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